No Compromise Lathe very limited cut double 7” vinyl EP


Double 7” vinyl


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This is the first of our mailing list exclusives. This EP features material from unreleased studio sessions in 1997. For the uninitiated, Slugbait was a side project from members of Splintered and Band Of Pain. It was devised as an outlet for free-form noise and a CD collaboration with Merzbow preceded these sessions. This is not “noise” in the way we may understand it in 2018 – not a computer or a laptop in sight; Slugbait were (are?) a band, performing live in the studio with no overdubs. The recording you will hear, is what the performers heard, only perhaps not as loud. The session had to performed at maximum volume to achieve the level of feedback and “organic” sound required.
By its very nature, this lathe cut vinyl may not be an “audiophile” record, nor should it be. Consider any surface noise etc to be part of the natural carnage that this quartet created.

Side One:
I'm Not The Walrus (Remix)

Side Two:
A Theory Of Vision Vindicated

Side Three:
Things Aren't What They Used To Be (Part 1)

Side Four
Things Aren't What They Used To Be (Part 2)

There are only 30 copies, so you will need to be quick.

Pre order now, release date is 16 July