Up to the Box


CD [2007] Ltd x 100


1. Morning Mac
2. Dirty Dicks
3. Them French
4. City Mob
5. I Must’ve Pulled A Muscle
6. I Phoned Monty
7. No Standards
8. Death On The Nile
9. Concerto Mob
10. The Royal Family
11. Africa
12. Spain
13. Sex
14. Coin Balancing
15. Quality Inn
16. The Common Market

To celebrate the 21st anniversary of Dirter’s existence we are delighted to announce a very special and ultra limited edition release. The very first Dirter LP, “Mac The Paperman – Up To The Box” is being re-issued on CD with bonus material. For those unfamiliar with the nature of this recording (this is not a CD of music), an excerpt from the CD sleeve notes is reproduced below . This should tell you all you need to know, so if you are at all interested in grabbing a genuine slice of London life from the 1970’s, be sure to place your order. This will be strictly limited to just 100 copies, in keeping with the original LP release, and is a proper factory manufactured CD, shrink-wrapped and packaged in the style of a classical “Deutsche Grammophon” CD with full colour booklet and inlay into a jewel case, NOT CDR. The CD is available for pre-order now, at a price of £10 including postage and packing to wherever you are. It is anticipated that this special edition well sell out very quickly, and none will make into the shops, so please order early to avoid disappointment. There will be no re-issue.

“This CD is a limited edition re-issue of the very first release on Dirter. It was recorded in the late 1970s and finally put out on vinyl in 1987. It is supposed to make you laugh. Does it stand the test of time, I wondered when I was attempting a crude “re-mastering” job? In a word “yes” – it passes with flying colours. I used to think it was almost essential that the listener was there at the time, or at least had the history and circumstances explained, but it’s clearly not the case. Put simply, it’s an old bloke talking, in his own unique way, to a few people behind the counter of a record shop in the 1970s, unaware that he is being recorded. It’s essentially the thoughts of a long gone London character.”