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20.03.2020 - .

17.03.2020 - Fucking virus

We’ll be closing the shop soon. A newsletter will be sent out to people on the list. No idea when we’ll be back. Of course we don’t, nobody does.

Look after yourselves and those that can’t look after themselves.

What a load of shit.


Steve & Karen x

24.01.2020 - NWW Trippin’ Musik issues

We have been made aware that a few copies have vinyl that is not up to standard. We will issue replacements within the next month or so. We were also short shipped on our original order, so we have requested replacements for any faulty ones and the extra copies that we originally ordered. Please bear with us and we will update the website in due course.


We are having to get some new test pressings made. This is to ascertain if the fault lies with the stampers being damaged, or if it was just down to careless handling and packing of the finished records. This process will take a while, so if your copy is faulty, hang in there. It WILL be sorted. Thanks again.

04.12.2019 - faUSt plays Faust (IV) Düsseldorf December 11

We at Dirter so nearly made it for this but our plans were scuppered, but you still can and you’d be mad to miss it…

22.11.2019 - R.I.P. Duncan Sanderson

R.I.P. Duncan Sanderson. Another Pink Fairy and another all time hero of us at Dirter HQ, knocks it all the head.
Gutted. So long Sandy, away to Never Never Land.

20.09.2019 - Larry Wallis (19 May 1949 – 19 September 2019)

Goodbye Lazza. You and a couple of others genuinely changed my life forever. When’s The Fun Begin? I think it just ended.

22.08.2019 - Blabbermouth Deep State Video

We are delighted to present the new video for the incredible “Deep State” here. Album “HöRSPIEL” and Deep State 7″ available from the shop NOW.

19.02.2019 - Demos

Dear All,

We are getting an awful lot of demo submissions. Whilst we would love to listen to them all, we simply cannot. We don’t even find the time to listen to music that we’ve bought for ourselves these days! So please feel absolutely free to send stuff in, but please don’t take it personally if we don’t reply. There are only 2 of us doing this…

Thank you for your understanding.

Steve & Karen x

22.10.2018 - Capri-Batterie & Stewart Lee – Bristol Fashion

We can finally announce the forthcoming release of this wonderful collaboration between the trio Capri-Batterie and the truly unique Stewart Lee.

The vinyl LP, limited to 500 copies, will available to pre-order soon from this website and will also be available to buy at the Café Oto show to support the release of the LP.

Get tickets for the show here: Cafe Oto

From Café Oto:

A trio comprised of Kordian Tetkov on drums, Tim Sayer on trumpet and electronics and Matthew Lord on Bass and Saxophone. With an unrestricted approach to improvisation that embraces the philosophy of ‘freedom’, as an affront to oppression in all its modern day manifestations, this is music making unafraid of ideology and charged with abstraction. The intensity levels achieved by Capri-Batterie are uncharacteristic for a small ensemble and the belligerent and anarchic fervour with which they coalesce the aesthetics of industrial rock, free jazz and noise art render their performances a highly energetic and intense undertaking.”

“Stewart Lee:
Highly regarded writer, stand-up comedian and director. Stewart Lee has been described as “the comedian’s comedian, and for good reason” by The Times, whilst he has described himself as “fat” and his performance as “positively Neanderthal, suggesting a jungle-dwelling hermit, struggling to coax notes out of a clarinet that has fallen from a passing aircraft”. Despite this, Stewart has been involved in numerous interesting musical projects and maintains a strong association with the avant-garde and improvised scene.”

16.08.2018 - Faust – Concert By The Lake Berlin 4th August 2018

If you nick any of these images, please let us know and credit the photo to Steve Pittis. Thanks.