Four Years In 30 Seconds


CD [1998] Ltd x 1000


Sold out

1. Faust Spot
2. Band Of Pain Acid
3. RLW Kitnabudja Kid
4. Stefan Jaworzyn I Am The King Of Goth! Look Upon My Works, Ye Assholes, And Despair!
5. Satori Tongue Cracked Dry
6. Beequeen Edie’s Second Sun
7. Idea Fire Company None But The First Rate Workmen Will Meet With Encouragement
8. Dual Drimon Drmn
9. Merzbow Hummingbird
10. Pessary Abort
11. Paul Gommersall Mmmm…strange
12. Contrastate Poodles In Practice Dress At The Battersea Dogs Opera
13. Lee Ranaldo First Computer Piece
14. Splintered Perihelion
15. Incapacitants Mutual Fund Explosion
16. Pestrepeller Maximum Yak Satisfaction
17. Inversion 1:1 Safety
18. Business Machines Latex
19. The Pickle Factory Update
20. East Of The Sun Torcross
21. The Shadow Ring The Way Of The World (Part 2)
22. Headbutt Terrible Noise Bringer
23. Illusion Of Safety Center
24. Konstruktivist Black Mass
25. Nurse With Wound Transcribe And Dictate (Heavy Trad)

CD release includes as a bonus the entire album twice (once forwards, once backwards).