Desire In Uneasiness


2 x LP set


Nadja’s “Desire In Uneasiness” was originally released by Crucial Blast in 2008. The album is something of an anomaly in Nadja’s catalogue as it features a live drummer, Jakob Thiesen, and there is no guitar on the album, with both Baker and Buckareff playing bass, each trading melodic and rhythmic lines. For this first vinyl edition of the album, the tracks were re-mixed and -mastered for LP, an extended version of ‘Affective Fields’ was created, and Reverend Aitor (who did the original CD art) created brand new artwork for a gatefold vinyl sleeve.
This incredible 2 LP set is limited to just 300 copies.

“The album…veer[s] into murky dub-like territory reminiscent of some of the late-’90s “illbient” recordings…Drone disco? Post-metal industrial dub? This music is hard to categorize, but the “drone-metal” tag doesn’t do it justice, given the broader range of sounds and ideas at work.”
William York – All Music Guide