Priti Deceit RSD 2021

10" EP


A much more obviously political approach is employed from this collaboration of two of the leading lights of the UK avant scene. Band Of Pain, fresh from recent collaborations with the likes of Faust and Nurse With Wound, go straight for the jugular with the scathing side long “Priti Vacunt”, whilst Contrastate’s Meixner offers a more US based theme with “Deceit”. Both artists contribute to all tracks and these pieces are shamelessly soaked in voice samples. An added 3rd track “The End Result”, takes a more musique concrète approach. You’ll never get a better souvenir of the hideousness of the Covid-19 years. Pressed on stunning black and white twin coloured vinyl, in a limited edition of 500 copies. Includes Covid-19 form with free hi-res download.

This can be signed by both Pittis and Meixner, and even dedicated, if you want to devalue it further. Please let us know if you’d like your copy signed.