The Oracles




NEKPΩN IAXEΣ is Andrew Liles (Current 93/Nurse With Wound) and Sakis Tolis (Rotting Christ). 

Andrew has been a fan of Rotting Christ for years and Sakis Tolis is a fan of Current 93 and Nurse With Wound, so, with a mutual appreciation for each other’s work, it only seemed natural for them to work together. Nekpωn Iaxeσ was born. Lying somewhere between a menacing podcast and the rumble of the underworld, their debut album ‘The Oracles’ is a disquieting journey. Entirely narrated in Greek by Sakis, the voice unravels and echoes into sonic tapestries that weave unfamiliar landscapes. With all the satanic majesty of Black Metal but without guitars The Oracles breaks new ground in left-field Metal and is a soundtrack to abstract lysergic nightmares  

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