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Blabbermouth Deep State Video

Posted on: August 22nd, 2019 by Steve No Comments

We are delighted to present the new video for the incredible “Deep State” here. Album “HöRSPIEL” and Deep State 7″ available from the shop NOW.


Posted on: February 19th, 2019 by Steve No Comments

Dear All,

We are getting an awful lot of demo submissions. Whilst we would love to listen to them all, we simply cannot. We don’t even find the time to listen to music that we’ve bought for ourselves these days! So please feel absolutely free to send stuff in, but please don’t take it personally if we don’t reply. There are only 2 of us doing this…

Thank you for your understanding.

Steve & Karen x

Capri-Batterie & Stewart Lee – Bristol Fashion

Posted on: October 22nd, 2018 by Steve No Comments

We can finally announce the forthcoming release of this wonderful collaboration between the trio Capri-Batterie and the truly unique Stewart Lee.

The vinyl LP, limited to 500 copies, will available to pre-order soon from this website and will also be available to buy at the Café Oto show to support the release of the LP.

Get tickets for the show here:

From Café Oto:

A trio comprised of Kordian Tetkov on drums, Tim Sayer on trumpet and electronics and Matthew Lord on Bass and Saxophone. With an unrestricted approach to improvisation that embraces the philosophy of ‘freedom’, as an affront to oppression in all its modern day manifestations, this is music making unafraid of ideology and charged with abstraction. The intensity levels achieved by Capri-Batterie are uncharacteristic for a small ensemble and the belligerent and anarchic fervour with which they coalesce the aesthetics of industrial rock, free jazz and noise art render their performances a highly energetic and intense undertaking.”

“Stewart Lee:
Highly regarded writer, stand-up comedian and director. Stewart Lee has been described as “the comedian’s comedian, and for good reason” by The Times, whilst he has described himself as “fat” and his performance as “positively Neanderthal, suggesting a jungle-dwelling hermit, struggling to coax notes out of a clarinet that has fallen from a passing aircraft”. Despite this, Stewart has been involved in numerous interesting musical projects and maintains a strong association with the avant-garde and improvised scene.”

Faust – Concert By The Lake Berlin 4th August 2018

Posted on: August 16th, 2018 by Steve No Comments

If you nick any of these images, please let us know and credit the photo to Steve Pittis. Thanks.

Dirter mailing list

Posted on: May 15th, 2018 by Steve No Comments

Yes, we know this is poor timing with the GDPR thing on the way, or is it? A lot of people have requested that we send out a mailing list, so we are in the process of getting it together. At least this way, you will opt in and we know we are not going to piss you off. The updates will probably be two or less a month depending on whether we have anything to tell you about. For the moment, though, please get in touch with Karen if you’d like to be included. There are a couple of upcoming things that are imminent, including a very limited double lathe cut record. So if you want to be kept up to date, please let us know and drop an email to It might be an idea to put “Add me to the mailing list” or something as the subject.


Posted on: March 29th, 2018 by Steve No Comments


Blabbermouth – Record Store Day 7″ vinyl release (From the album “Hörspiel”, to be released Sept 2018)

Imagine a world not so far away where AI cyberbots mock the human race while their musical cyberserfs Blabbermouth provide a soundtrack spanning ambient, industrial, pop, world, folk and post-punk feat. drummer Mark Roberts, guitarist Lu Edmonds, recorded by Adie Hardy at Unit2 studios, singing by Turkish Roma scene diva Brenna MacCrimmon and the mega-voice of Siberian/Tuvan throatsinger Albert Kuvezin.
From the upcoming album “Hörspiel” exploring the distorted world of hybrid-warfare and fake-news re-purposed by synthetic speech & online machine translations into and between: English, Japanese, Turkish etc..
A. Deep State
Derin Devlet – homage to the Susurluk 1996 mega car-crash exposé of gubmint-mafia power tendrils of drugs, guns, money, glamour, terrorists & spies
text: Presidents Eisenhower & Attatürk + drug-gun-$$$ inventory of the car boot
feat: Albert Kuvezin & Brenna MacCrimmon, Lu & voice-robots
language: Turkish / English

A. Tohoku Manga
A train trip around NE Japan leads into the Zone (“Stalker” ©Strugatsky Bros)
text: stations of the Tohoku line, with a branch line or 2 thrown in…
feat: Lu, voice-robots & the chatter of old video-game parlours
language: Japanese

Lu Edmonds – (UK) guitar, cümbüs, saz, bVox
The Damned 1977, Kirsty MacColl 1978, 3 Mustaphas 3 1982, The Waterboys 1983, Mekons & Shriekback 1984, John Lydon’s PiL 1986, Yat-Kha 1992, Billy Bragg 1994, Lol Coxhill 2000, Babar Luck 2004, les Triaboliques & Raz3 2007 + one-offs: Laurie Anderson, Thomas Mapfumo & the Blacks Unlimited, Alaap, Yusuf Islam etc.

Mark Roberts – (UK) Drums,Synths
The Godfathers 1991, D-Ream 1993, DJ RAP 2000, Babar Luck + one-off albums, tours & sessions: Youssou n’Dour / Neneh Cherry (“7 seconds”), Massive Attack, Peter Bruntnell, Bay City Rollers etc.

Albert Kuvezin (Russia) singing
Lead kanzat throat-singer and guitarist of Siberian-Tuvan bands Yat-Kha & Haartyga (Kyzyl), founder member of the legendary Hun-Huur-Tu.

Brenna MacCrimmon (Canada) singing
Lead-singer with Istanbul’s klarnet maestro Selim Sesler, Baba Zula, solo artist

Adie Hardy – (UK) Mixing & Microphones
Engineering: Gus Dudgeon, Earl Brutus, Babar Luck, Yat-Kha, les Triaboliques, Bellowhead, Fun Lovin Criminals, Snuff, Toy Dolls /

Artwork by London artist Tommy Fiendish; animations by VJ Jules

Link here to buy:

Coming Soon…

Posted on: June 21st, 2017 by Steve No Comments

Consumer Electronics “Estuary English” 2CD set with bonus tracks and live material, Andrew Liles CD box set, Nadja double vinyl LP and lots more. Watch this space.

Band Of Pain RSD LP

Posted on: March 23rd, 2017 by Steve No Comments

Not On Dirter, but on Cargo’s Very Friendly label. Issued for Record Store Day 2107, this is the first full length Band Of Pain record for some while. It has appearances from Steven Stapleton and Andrew Liles (among others) too. RSD link here:


Posted on: November 14th, 2015 by Steve No Comments

As some of you will already have rumbled, we’re on twitter now. If you want to follow us it’s @SteveDirter, or a search for dirter promotions will do the trick.

Band Of Pain news

Posted on: July 3rd, 2015 by Steve No Comments



The A Side of this record, “Still Falls The Rain” uses the poem printed on the inside gatefold sleeve of the first Black Sabbath album. The poem is read by Lucy Cotter and Andrew Liles plays guitar, with keyboards, electronics and loops by Steve Pittis.

500 copies only, pressed on heavy purple vinyl and available from Easy Action


After an absence of a good few years, Band Of Pain return with a 7” single for Easy Action.
Steve Pittis: “Since I got the first Black Sabbath LP when I was 12 years old, the poem inside the gatefold has held a huge fascination for me. I’d read it over and over again, looking at the sleeve, and of course listening to the record. It kept occurring to me that they never used it in any lyrics, so 45 years later, it was time to put that right.”

The A Side of this record, “Still Falls The Rain” features that poem, read beautifully by Lucy Cotter, along with Pittis’ atmospherics and Nurse With Wound’s Andrew Liles’ blistering guitar. All research seems to say that the writer of the poem remains anonymous, so if you’re out there, we hope you like it.

Side B’s “Funhouse (For Karla)” deals with the gruesome misery of an execution chamber and is a powerful journey into the horrors of those barbaric places.

Enconahead 7 ich picture bag.eps

BOP record