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Trippin Musik update and general waffle

Dear patient Dirter friends. We hope you’re all keeping ok and staying sane…

New test pressings for Trippin Musik taken from the existing stampers have been supplied to us and listened to. All six sides are fine, so as we suspected, the faults are down to negligence in the pressing plant’s packing dept, not bad metalwork. This was made even clearer by the presence of particles inside the inners of some people’s copies.

We have raised the official claim for this and await for the answer. Whatever the outcome, anyone with faulty records purchased from this website, will have them replaced. Anyone who bought from NWW will be sent replacements from them.

In other news, there will be a newsletter going out soon with lots of very exciting news. The shop will reopen too. We will probably send all orders via courier, as neither of us want to queue in a post office with dickheads coughing all over us. This and lots of other things will be clarified in said newsletter. If you’re not on the mailing list and you’d like to be, please email and ask to be added.

The apocalyptic “out of office” email will remain there for the time being. As soon as there’s something to tell you about, it will go. Please note, we are not accepting any demo submissions at the moment; we have a lot on our plate. If your name’s Brian Eno, though, we’ll make an exception.


Steve & Karen.