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The Avantgarde Festival Schiphorst is dead . Long live the “Avantgarde is Happening”

Support the AGF. Check here for the latest on the line-up and up to date news:

Various links to get involved and info here:

1998 , Jean-Herve Peron (faUSt) organises the Sommersonnewendenfest – SummerSolsticeParty –

a gathering of creative minds, to have fun and support eachothers dreams .

2004 The Avantgarde Schiphorst e.V. launches the Avantgarde Festival, three days of Utopia –sic Chris Cutler – where the independent , experimenal scene will meet.

2014 Last edition of AGF…. so far .

2017 first edition „Avantgarde is Happening“, directed by the AGFSpirit

As we need everybodys support to make it as magical as it was ,we decided to start a Crowdfunding .

Crowdfunding only works if we manage to spread the word as far as possible and be as loud as possible .Share the link, spread the word : if you work or take part in radioshows, magazins, newspaperss, online-media or tv shows,If you talk to your neighbors, to the people you meet on your street or in your bar.. do not forget to mention us ! Thank you indeed.

other idea how to help ? more information ? contact:

Thanks for your time, The AGFSpirit JM|I|JJ & all Scouts of Avantgarde is Happening