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21.07.2016 - Andrew Liles Fucked by “The Man” (Peace and Love…)


After 14 thousand listens, hundreds of shares, countless reviews and comments ”50 Minutes of Tomorrow Never Knows by the Beatles for 50 Years” has, alas, been removed from Mixcloud.

I received the following message from Mixcloud this morning –

‘We received a Copyright Takedown Notification for a track within one of your shows. While we hope to convey the value of Mixcloud to all partners, some artists, labels or publishers can request to take down tracks which they own the rights to. As an open user-generated platform for radio shows, we must respect these requests and have disabled your show.’

They wouldn’t LET IT BE…

I used Mixcloud because it is legally a grey area as regards to copyright; I thought it would be safe there as it is technically a ‘radio station’ and the publishers and artists do receive ‘some’ remuneration… but clearly not enough.

I have received hundreds of requests for a file or MP3 of the mix, all of which I have declined. I turned everyone down not because I didn’t want to share the mix but for reasons now that have become obvious. I’ve rattled the gilded cage, ‘The Man’ is upset… he needs feeding.

My heartfelt homage lasted just a mere two weeks, ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ has been around for 50 years, I’m sure it will be around for a few hundred more, not because it’s a great song but because a faceless corporation will capitalise upon its ‘product’ until every last droplet of monetary worth can be squeezed from its corpse.

At this point I could go into a long diatribe against copyright and ownership, how the blues was raped by the white man, the importance of freedom of expression and art, how 60’s peace and love were monetised, how art is restricted and dictated by corporate industry, how society lives in the shadow of litigation and libel, blah blah blah…but I won’t. My latest album is all about that:

Thanks to everyone who listened and enjoyed and sent me such positive and glowing feedback.

Close your eyes relax and float downstream…and when you open them try to ignore the putrid cesspool you find you are swimming in.”

22.05.2016 - Coming early June…

Noah Howard/Wiggan/Mapp – From Dust We Came ..To Dust We Return
(Dirter/Static Caravan)


Noah Howard should need no introduction. The American alto saxophonist was born in1943 in New Orleans, who moved to Europe in 1968, and eventually settled in Brussels after living in Paris and Nairobi. He was a member of the avant-garde jazz movement of the 1960s and, amongst many influential albums, made the seminal Black Ark album with Arthur Doyle in 1969.This album came about as a result of Justin Wiggan’s love of Howard’s music. 5 years after Howard’s death in 2010, Justin was in touch with his wife, Lieve Fransen, and learnt that Noah had made a large number of private recordings playing solo on the alto saxophone. Lieve kindly gave Justin access to these recordings and the freedom to develop an album in which he built electronic soundscapes around these solo passages.He then asked bass player Chris Mapp to add bass lines to the foundation. The resulting music has been composed and edited by Wiggan to form the two sides of this album. A record packing so much protein that it needed two labels to release it in a first time co-release between Dirter Promotions and Static Caravan. Vinyl album ONLY in an edition of 500 copes (with download code).

The LP is packaged in a 1960’s style cover, complete with gloss front and a matt back to the sleeve. Pre-order will be available soon.

10.04.2016 - Tony Conrad March 7, 1940 – April 9, 2016

Tony Conrad performing at the Knitting Factory in NYC on April 28, 1994.

Tony Conrad performing at the Knitting Factory in NYC on April 28, 1994.

14.03.2016 - NURSE WITH WOUND/BAND OF PAIN Orange vinyl 10″ EP For Record Store Day 2016 (DPROMEP124 )

This record is the first collaboration between Nurse With Wound and Band Of Pain. Each artist has used the other’s music as source material to create a sumptuous feast for all discerning and adventurous audio palettes.
There is no Side “B”, thus we have Side A and Side 1:
Side 1 noinge (parts 1 and 2)
Side A gloakid with phendrabites

The Band Of Pain side exclusively uses material from the NWW album “A Sucked Orange”. It has been processed like a high street burger, with little meat of the original left. The result is a superb piece of Musique Concrète that sounds like it belongs in another century and another universe.

The Nurse With Wound side uses various Band Of Pain pieces that are battered and deep-fried beyond recognition. The results were sprinkled with an array of exotic spices, additional sauce and chemically enhanced additives. The final outcome is a dense, creamy, rich slice of vintage Nurse With Wound… with a twist.

It is in orange vinyl, of course and has a beautiful gatefold sleeve with Babs Santini art, and an insert. Get it from your local record store (if you still have one) on April 16.


11.01.2016 - “…and the stars look very different today”

Our Daughter just tweeted this. We’ll leave it at that.

04.01.2016 - NWW. Brainwashed 2015 ARTIST OF THE YEAR

Congratulations to Dirter recording beat combo, Nurse With Wound. Brainwashed 2015 ARTIST OF THE YEAR. Hugs and kisses.

NWW Darkfat

02.01.2016 - 2016

We wish you all good things for the new year. Watch this space for lots of news very soon. In the meantime – here’s the latest from us. Limited edition of 1.


29.12.2015 - Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister 24 December 1945 – 28 December 2015

My favourite Lemmy memory. There are a few, but this is the one I like the best

London Roundhouse 1976, Hot Tuna gig. Upstairs at the bar. Me: “How’s it going Lemmy?” Lemmy: “It’s going quite fast, actually man”: Me: “What d’you think of the band?” Lemmy: “Shit.” Walks away looking round at me and laughing “They’re worse than us, see you at the Marquee next week”.

R.I.P. Lemmy, a true one-off.

20.11.2015 - Nurse With Wound – Soliloquy For Lilith 4 LP box set in stock soon

We are very excited to announce that we are releasing this beautiful and legendary work as a lavish 4LP set before Christmas. Pre sale and further information will be here very soon.


17.11.2015 - Groundhogs – Split Up A Exhumation By Andrew Liles

Well, the secret is now out and the CD is in the shop for sale now.

A reconstruction, reordering and rearrangement of the classic Groundhogs album ‘Split’ by Liles.

In 1971 when ‘Split’ was originally released, there were {a few} guitar pedals, mainly wah-wah, overdrive & chorus (with a bit of phasing or ‘flanging’). I had an Arbiter and a sound early octave pedal but I was keen to find ‘new’ sounds, like ring modulation. Some of the 70’s bands have re-done their most popular albums but I never thought I could improve on Split, with Martin Birch engineering at De Lane Lea studios, it had it all!
When Andrew Liles (regarded by some to be the funniest man) told me he’d like to re-do Split I thought he was having a laugh, but he has done what I would have IF I’d had the modern pedals.
Andrew has done me a great service by bringing my recordings into the 21st Century.
Tony (T.S.) McPhee – 2015

Original compositions written and arranged by Tony (T.S.) McPhee. Remix, extra instrumentation and rearrangement by Andrew Liles. Additional guitars by Joe Hollick and Tony (T.S.) McPhee.