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Andrew Liles Fucked by “The Man” (Peace and Love…)


After 14 thousand listens, hundreds of shares, countless reviews and comments ”50 Minutes of Tomorrow Never Knows by the Beatles for 50 Years” has, alas, been removed from Mixcloud.

I received the following message from Mixcloud this morning –

‘We received a Copyright Takedown Notification for a track within one of your shows. While we hope to convey the value of Mixcloud to all partners, some artists, labels or publishers can request to take down tracks which they own the rights to. As an open user-generated platform for radio shows, we must respect these requests and have disabled your show.’

They wouldn’t LET IT BE…

I used Mixcloud because it is legally a grey area as regards to copyright; I thought it would be safe there as it is technically a ‘radio station’ and the publishers and artists do receive ‘some’ remuneration… but clearly not enough.

I have received hundreds of requests for a file or MP3 of the mix, all of which I have declined. I turned everyone down not because I didn’t want to share the mix but for reasons now that have become obvious. I’ve rattled the gilded cage, ‘The Man’ is upset… he needs feeding.

My heartfelt homage lasted just a mere two weeks, ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ has been around for 50 years, I’m sure it will be around for a few hundred more, not because it’s a great song but because a faceless corporation will capitalise upon its ‘product’ until every last droplet of monetary worth can be squeezed from its corpse.

At this point I could go into a long diatribe against copyright and ownership, how the blues was raped by the white man, the importance of freedom of expression and art, how 60’s peace and love were monetised, how art is restricted and dictated by corporate industry, how society lives in the shadow of litigation and libel, blah blah blah…but I won’t. My latest album is all about that:

Thanks to everyone who listened and enjoyed and sent me such positive and glowing feedback.

Close your eyes relax and float downstream…and when you open them try to ignore the putrid cesspool you find you are swimming in.”