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12.03.2018 - andrew liles – COLOSSUS now available

I’ll let the man himself explain – but this is well worth getting, so click the link at the bottom. Mr and Mrs Dirter put in an appearance too…

As I enter my 50th year of existence I bring you COLOSSUS.

COLOSSUS is an inconceivably massive project that consists of 50 tracks all of which are 50 minutes long.

COLOSSUS PART ONE consists of the first 25 tracks.

COLOSSUS PART TWO completes the project and will be available on 11th March 2019, my 50th Birthday.

Parts One and Two combined will be just short of 42 hours of ‘music’.

The ‘songs’ are extreme, simple, complex, mellow, angular and often surreal adaptations of every single hit from the last 50 years that was at Number One in the UK charts on my birthday.

The music is either in the same key or with the same notes played but in a different order, backwards or inverted. Further music and notation has been added by myself. They are absolutely nothing like the originals.

Additionally, the words to the songs are formed from the lyrics to every Number One hit from the last 50 years. But with a twist.

I have adapted the lyrics by using the William Burroughs cut up method and further changed them to make some kind of structure, but they remain predominantly abstract and nonsensical.

Narration on Part One comes from the wonderful individuals that were and are and always will be Jean-Hervé Peron, Bobbie Watson, Jon Seagroatt, Brain Poole, Benjamin Louche, James Worse, Karen Pittis, Steve Pittis, Maniac, and Edward Ka-Spel.

Happy Birthday to me – here’s to 100.

17.11.2017 - Dik Mik (1943 – 2017)

28.08.2017 - Tobe Hooper (January 25, 1943 – August 26, 2017)

21.06.2017 - Coming Soon…

Consumer Electronics “Estuary English” 2CD set with bonus tracks and live material, Andrew Liles CD box set, Nadja double vinyl LP and lots more. Watch this space.

13.04.2017 -

23.03.2017 - Band Of Pain RSD LP

Not On Dirter, but on Cargo’s Very Friendly label. Issued for Record Store Day 2107, this is the first full length Band Of Pain record for some while. It has appearances from Steven Stapleton and Andrew Liles (among others) too. RSD link here:

05.02.2017 - The Avantgarde Festival Schiphorst is dead . Long live the “Avantgarde is Happening”

Support the AGF. Check here for the latest on the line-up and up to date news:

Various links to get involved and info here:

1998 , Jean-Herve Peron (faUSt) organises the Sommersonnewendenfest – SummerSolsticeParty –

a gathering of creative minds, to have fun and support eachothers dreams .

2004 The Avantgarde Schiphorst e.V. launches the Avantgarde Festival, three days of Utopia –sic Chris Cutler – where the independent , experimenal scene will meet.

2014 Last edition of AGF…. so far .

2017 first edition „Avantgarde is Happening“, directed by the AGFSpirit

As we need everybodys support to make it as magical as it was ,we decided to start a Crowdfunding .

Crowdfunding only works if we manage to spread the word as far as possible and be as loud as possible .Share the link, spread the word : if you work or take part in radioshows, magazins, newspaperss, online-media or tv shows,If you talk to your neighbors, to the people you meet on your street or in your bar.. do not forget to mention us ! Thank you indeed.

other idea how to help ? more information ? contact:

Thanks for your time, The AGFSpirit JM|I|JJ & all Scouts of Avantgarde is Happening

24.01.2017 - Pirated – Ahoy me hearties…

It has come to our attention that not only was there a fraudulent Dirter Bandcamp site online, but the person who was responsible is actually trying to pass himself off as Steve. The email address he uses is and he is based in Hungary. This is not our email address. We have taken the necessary action and for the moment, he has been stopped. We are also consulting our solicitors, as replying to people as “Steve” is fraud. We now own the Bandcamp Dirter page, but will not be posting any content for the moment. We do not own digital rights to certain releases, so for now it will remain inactive. Once we do have a legit DL site active, the announcement will be on here, as well as via the Dirter Promotions Twitter account.

19.12.2016 - Season’s Greetings from Dirter.

Coming next year, releases from: Consumer Electronics, NWW, Nadja, Andrew Liles, Merzbow, Whitehouse, Faust, Skullflower. There’s even a new Band Of Pain LP (with special guest appearances) coming for Record Store Day on Very Friendly via Cargo.

16.11.2016 - OUT NOW AND SHIPPING!!! Nurse With Wound – The Great Ecstasy of the Basic Corrupt CD (United Dirter DPROMCD130)

Available for the first time since being issued privately as extremely limited vinyl, Dirter are pleased to announce the CD issue of the ultra rare 2014 two track L.P. The Great Ecstasy of the Basic Corrupt. The additional track ‘Circles of Confusion’ comes from the equally rare Silver Bromide L.P.

Indulge yourself in these three immersive, ocean deep and intensely powerful tracks of sinister whimsy for the wretched. Yet another classic from the timeless and ever evolving Nurse With Wound.
The Great Ecstasy of the Basic Corrupt comes in a deluxe matt film laminated 6 panel digipack.